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  • . . .  of multiple database support 17. Search in categories 17.1 Hierachical structure 17.2 Parallel structure 18. User suggested sites 19. Vulnerability protection 19.1 Intrusion Detection System IDS 19.2 Prevent queries from Meta search engines and crawler known to be evil 19.3 Basic input validation against vulnerability attacks 19.4 Admin  . . .
  • . . .  Links (click counter). - Search log offering: Query, Results, Queried at, Time taken, User IP, Country, Host name (Latest100) - Index log offering: File-name, index date and delete option - IDS log offering: IP, host, query, impact, involved tags, date and time of intrusion. - Flood attempts log offering: IP, query, date and time of flood. . . 
[ 100.0 % ] URL: - 194.0 kb
  • . . .  time. For example with a tool like phpMyAdmin, PLESK, or something similar. During this step you already define - Name of database - Username - Password - Database host which will be required later on in step 5 of the installation process. Please take in mind that Sphider-plus obligatory requires a password for database access. Otherwise the  . . .
  • . . .  so that afterwards the admin folder is freed again for IP independent access. New feature: Result listings 'By URL name s' and 'Like Google' are sorted in alphabetic order now. New feature: The words specified in common list (to be ignored during index procedure) are no longer interpreted case sensitive. Consequently words like 'Sphider' and  . . .
  • . . .  fixed to prevent creation of duplicate sub folders in /admin/ Media search enabled for multiple database support. User debug mode enabled for link search. Indexing of https:// sites enabled. Bug fixed for applications not using the advanced search options. Bug fixed for embedded application. Bug fixed for result sorting (By URL name s). Bug fixed. . . 
  • . . .  relevance level (weight % ) for results to be presented at result pages. To be defined in Admin settings. Enable user suggestion for new Url to become part of Sphider-plus database (addurl by user ). To be activated in Admin settings, the user is enabled to suggest sites. - If enabled, a link at the footer of the result page leads to the  . . .
  • . . .  this module automatically creates a sitemap.xml file. - In Admin settings the folder name for the sitemaps can be defined. - The xml files will be individually named like '' - When running a 'Re-index', 'Re-index all' or 'Erase Re-index' existing sitemaps will be overwritten with the actual data. . . 
  • . . .  media queries Enlarged Admin statistics. In table 'Search Log' the following items are additionally presented: - User IP - Users country code - Users hostname New item in Admin Settings (Section: Index Log Settings): Suppress browser output of logging data during index / re-index. This item will speed up index / re-index procedure and prevent  . . .
  • . . .  etc. charsets. UNICODE support including astral symbols. Support for non-ASCII domains 'Internationalized Domain Name s' (IDN) like 'http://президент.рф/' and 'http://mü' are accepted and processed. Responsive design Automatically adapting the size of search form, result listing and addurl form to display size of computers, tablets, smart  . . .
  • . . .  player software. Multiple database support Individual configuration and activation of databases for Admin, Search User and Suggest URL User . Support of multiple table sets in each db, MySQL query cache, individual index for each db, individual or bulk search in predefined databases. Individual Admin settings for each db and each set of tables.. . . 
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  • . . .  Sphider: v.1.3.5 Improved domain WHOIS algorithm. Now detecting 238 TLDs. Improved IP detection and geo info for users IP address. Improved code for responsive design feature. Improved user input protection against SQL injections Bug fixed in parse sitemap.xml Bug fixed in Puny code converter. Bug fixed in database installation of tables. Some  . . .
  • . . .  might create too many keywords, which are not required beside cell content. In order to activate the converter, rename the default converter /converter/xlsx_reader.php and rename the new one from /converter/xlsx_reader_new. php to /converter/xlsx_reader.php Updated black IPs list files. Updated and corrected Italian language file. Updated IDNA. . . 
  • . . .  Improved XML result output: Now caching the XML results and additionally offering: - Date and time of query. - User IP. - Name of remote host. Also all XML output files are now stored for permanent usage in sub folder /xml/stored/ To be deleted in Admin backend in 'Clear' menu. Improved support for multiple table sets in one database. If the  . . .
  • . . .  all sitemaps created during index procedures, which were performed in debug mode. To be found in sub menu 'Clean'. User and admin interface now are HTML 5 conform. With special thanks to Ulf Dunkel for his code input. Updated scripts for ID3 extraction. Now parsing ID3v1(v1.0 & v1.1) as well as ID3v2(v2.2 & v2.3 & v2.4). Bug fixed in  . . .
  • . . .  indexing' in conjunction with sitemap.xml files. Bug fixed in option: Allow other hosts with same domain name for all links found during indexing. Also ignore TLD, SLD and www Bug fixed in 'Ignoring parts of a page defined by or ' in conjunction with nested div tags. Bug fixed in 'Activate/disable database' menu for multiple databases. . . 
  • . . .  result listing can be defined. Results ordered by: - Relevance (weight) - Main URLs (domains) on top - First URL names and then weight - Only top 2 per URL The mode of chronological order for result listing is shown as additional headline on top of the result pages. To be activated in Admin settings. Select method of highlighting for found  . . .
  • . . .  Select method of highlighting for found keywords in result listing. If 'Advanced search' is activated, the user may select: - bold text - marked yellow - marked green - marked blue The default highlighting can be defined in Admin settings. If in Admin settings the option ' Index words in Domain Name and URL path' is activated, found. . . 
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