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  • . . .  / General Settings: - Enable / Disable MySQL and PHP error messages. It is recommended to disable the output of these messages for production systems, as they could reveal sensitive information. For more details, please notice chapter Error messages and Debug mode New item in Admin / Statistics / Server Info: - PHP security Info. Some basic  . . .
  • . . .  from domain sphider-plus.eu . Also enable receipt of e-mails containing links. The mail will be sent by any of these IPs: - - - - - These IPs ranges must be enabled to receive e-mails.  . . .
  • . . .  privileges to Sphider and shut down other scripts that could use the Sphider database. If you don't succeed with these fundamentals because you use a shared hosting server, open the file /include/commonfuncs.php and delete the row $res = $db_con- query("FLUSH TABLE $row[0]"); Also the rows, used for debug output, should be deleted. if (!$res) {  . . .
  • . . .  CACHE"); Also the following rows, used for debug output, should be deleted. Please keep in mind that by deleting these rows you will loose parts of the 'Optimize database' and 'Clean resources during index/re-index' functions. Error message: " Access denied; you need the RELOAD privilege. . . " The same problem as error message: "Unable to. . . 
  • . . .  for PHP scripts (like Sphider-plus), it might become necessary to chmod some sub-folders and files inside these sub-folders (chmod 777) to get full write permission. The log files created during index procedure are stored in sub-folder /admin/log/ Please also notice the according threads in Sphider-plus 'Tips & Tricks & Mods' forum. . . 
  • . . .  the URL you use for search queries, is listed on a black list of known bots. Of course this might be a mistake, as these lists may contain invalid URLs. In order to avoid this message, disable the according option in admin settings. Top Error message: " Up to now, there is no valid database defined for user access " In some rare cases of fresh. . . 
  • . . .  If in Admin settings the 'Debug' mode is enabled, several warnings and messages are displayed. To suppress these messages, the checkbox 'Enable Debug mode' in Admin settings needs to be unchecked. Please keep in mind that there are separated setting available for 'Admin' and 'Search User'. Unable to search for several words like clock,. . . 
  • . . .  will of the provider. ยง 2 External links This website contains links to third party websites ('external links'). These websites are the responsibility of the respective operators. The provider has checked the third-party content when first linking external links to determine whether any legal violations exist. At that time, no violations were   . . .
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