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  • . . .  of Sphider-plus is dedicated to Anton Cygankov. For all the month, he followed the development with an ongoing testing . Verifying especially the index procedure with thousands of URLs and reviewing all the bugs, I intermediately implemented. Thank you very much for this big effort. I wouldn't be able to get up to the current status of  . . .
  • . . .  during first installation. Everything must be performed by means of the admin backend. There are several self tests implemented, which should not be bypassed by altering the scripts. Because as long as the admin interfaces shows error messages and warnings, later index procedures and the search algorithm may fail. - Installation of version  . . .
  • . . .  In order to speed up index procedure, they are to be activated individually in Admin settings. New feature: Self test for all required PHP libraries and extensions. If Debug mode is enabled, the corresponding warning messages will be presented on top of the Settings menu. Improved database 'Activate / Disable' menu: If multiple sets of tables  . . .
  • . . .  term 12.34 does not deliver any result, 12,34 will be used alternately. The same vice versa. - If the search term test123 does not deliver any result, test 123 will be used alternately The same vice versa Improved detection of title tag in HTML head. If the tag is not available, now also parsing Warning message added, if the cURL library as part  . . .
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