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  • . . .  if count of words in HTML description tag is less than: xxx New option in admin backend: Delete all sitemaps created during index procedures, which were performed in debug mode. To be found in sub menu 'Clean'. User and admin interface now are  . . .
  • . . .  the advanced part of the search form should be presented. New feature in admin backend: Verify the time required to create a web shot of any desired URL. Improved protection against intrusion attempts. Accelerated search algorithm, especially  . . .
  • . . .  a wide range of customizing the index and search procedures. By means of an Admin backend, all settings are presented. As stated above, this search engine uses some PHP libraries and extensions. When opening the Setting interface, the existence off  . . .
  • . . .  now stored for permanent usage in sub folder /xml/stored/ To be deleted in Admin backend in 'Clear' menu. Improved support for multiple table sets in one database. If the option 'Do not index the full text' is activated in Settings menu, the  . . .
  • . . .  as part of the text result listing for each link. To be activated in Admin backend . For details please notice the chapter: Create thumbnails during index procedure New feature: Prevent indexing of known malware and pishing pages. This  . . .
  • . . .  "https http this URL" and several other. New option in Admin backend 'Clean' menu: Truncate all tables in database. Improved 'NOHOST' detection during index procedure: Now trying 5 times to get in contact with the server. Each. . . 
  • . . .  is performed by 2 different HTTP requests. Improved 'Add site' function in Admin backend . Now treating URLs with the scheme 'http' and 'https' as equal, and excluding them as duplicate sites. Support added for Windows-31J (CP932) charset as. . . 
  • . . .  access authorization are now available as part of the 'Settings' menu in Admin backend . 'User name' and 'Password' for Admin access, and also for the database configuration, are no longer stored as readable values. Now they are stored hashed in  . . .
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